NYC to Chicago

Wait, why is this guy biking to Chicago?

Hi. I'm Jake. Back in November of 2020, I said that the Chicago White Sox would never hire Tony LaRussa and if they did I'd walk to Chicago. Well, they hired him and I don't have that much time on my hands so I'm biking instead.

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Sponsor a mile for a good cause

Look people. I'm biking about 1,200 miles. I think it might really suck. The least you could do is toss a few bucks in for a good cause while I'm pedaling across Ohio like a dummy. We're raising money for LostBoyzInc. a Chicago youth sports organization that provides baseball and softball opportunities to kids in underserved communities.

So you're actually gonna bike the whole thing??

That's the plan! All in all it'll be about 1,200 miles over 14 days of bike riding through seven different states. For you math people at home that's about 85 miles a day. Jeez that's a lot of biking.

We'll be documenting the whole thing too!

My BFF Jordan Shusterman and I have been making goofy baseball content @CéspedesBBQ for years. We're turning my dumb wager into the baseball roadtrip of a lifetime with stops at 12 baseball games along the way. We'll be writing and making silly videos about it at and podcasting about it on our podcast on the Ringer Podcast Network, BaseballBBQ.

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